What’s new in 2018: five trends in influencer marketing and social video



2017 was a turning point for both influencer marketing and social video. But what are the expectations for 2018? Here are five expected trends in influencer marketing and social video.

Text by Helena Verheye, content marketeer at Chase Creative


1. Long-term influencer relationships

2018 will be the year of more long-term partnerships between brands and influencers. Instead of working on campaigns with a lot of different influencers, brands start to work with a small group of trustable creators that reflect the brand its views. This way, influencers will become brand ambassadors and will help the brand to build a relationship with their audience.

One-off influencer partnerships often provide only short-term results and therefore have limited impact. Shifting to a longer-term approach that builds a deeper relationship with an influencer is much more effective. Using influencer marketing as part of a long-term strategy will create long-term results.


2. Twitter and Linkedin go video

Both Twitter and Linkedin will further develop their video support. Twitter will search for new ways to push video in the feed. As for now, Twitter is one of the last social platforms that isn’t focussed on video. Linkedin also recently added a native video function. Next year they will probably also invest more in their own exclusive content, this way they will continue to differentiate themselves and stay focused on their core activities.

3. Instagram Shopping Tags

Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms and now has almost a billion users. In 2018 they will develop more business features. This in order to capitalise on the growth and growing interest of the public. One of the features they will introduce to a broader public is shopping tags. As you probably know it is impossible to post links with a post. Thanks to the shopping tags it will be possible to tag products in a picture, including more information and price. This tag will only be visible when clicking on the picture, so it won’t be disturbing for people scrolling by. People that are interested can just click through.


Instagram Shopping Tags


4. Streaming across multiple platforms

New technologies are emerging that make it possible to stream across more than one platform without sacrificing the quality of content or audience experience. Restream is one platform that makes it possible to broadcast live from up to 30+ different platforms across the world, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.


5. Stricter legal rules in influencer marketing

With the increasing use of influencer marketing in 2017, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) introduced some endorsement guidelines. Officially, these guidelines only apply in the United States. But prepare for a stricter regulation to spread to other countries too. Up to 93 percent of paid endorsements remain undisclosed by both brands and influencers. In 2017, the FTC already filed a case against individual influencers who failed to disclose ownership ties for paid sponsorship promotions. The bottom line is to be more transparent about influencer partnerships. Better safe than sorry, right? Check out our separate post with an infographic on FTC guidelines to learn more.



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