5 Instagram games that can spice up your brand

Instagram Games

It’s time to hack the system! Did you know that you can play games through both Instagram stories and profiles? Instagram games are quirky thumb stoppers that create great awareness for your brand. Tim, our art director, has a note on that: “Instagram games are perfect for innovative brands to profile themselves. If the result is funny, original and looks cool, it can totally make the difference for your brand”. Not sure what those interactive social media games look like? Here are five examples!

Written by Helena Verheye, content marketer at Chase Creative


1. Get a free Snickers by losing

Ever came across the Snickers Hungry Games in Instagram stories? The goal is to pause the video via the tap and hold function, right before the main character gets hungry. Plot twist: you win by losing. If you’re not fast enough to hold or don’t hold till the end of times, you win a Snickers! This way, the online presence of the brand links to the offline product in an original way.

2. Pablo Rochat’s challenges you with a gif puzzle

Digital creative Pablo Rochat started out by pushing the boundaries of Vine. After the previous platform went down he had to change to Instagram. He always tries to push the boundaries of different social platforms in smart ways, while keeping his storylines simple. Smart move, because people might skip your story if they don’t immediately get what they should do. An original example of his work is the Mona Lisa Puzzle. Here he challenges his followers to recompose the painting out of puzzle pieces.


3. The hunt for exclusive Rick and Morty content

This game challenges you to find secret collectibles. It makes use of the Instagram photo tagging function which allows players to follow quests across 80 linked accounts. On the way, you’ll get access to exclusive content. This way you can engage in a different way with the Rick and Morty worlds and characters you already know and love.

4. Be a DJ with Bacardi

This game is a digital simulator of a DJ deck. While playing this story, you feel like your hands are doing scratches and loops. So what’s the technique behind it? You start with a video and then get a series of short clips. By tapping left and right you feel like you are controlling the DJ decks. The idea behind it is that since everyone is skipping adds, they might as well play with that skipping behavior.


5. Urban games by Chase

After we bumped into Pablo Rochat, we decided to try making Instagram games ourselves. Our former graphic design intern Nicolas Grootjans made some fun games of Belgian urban influencers. You can check them out in the highlights of our profile. We had some nice reactions and some influencers even reposted their game. An Instagram game can be quite disruptive while story tapping. That’s why we noticed that it is important to include some clear instructions or buttons. It’s also important to put a representative graphic as your first story. That way you can put the games into a neat highlight. Since the games were quite successful, we also decided to put some of our Belgian Hip hop articles into stories. For us, this was a great way to transform classical blog posts into engaging IG stories.


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