5 new social media tools for 2018



We’re always on the lookout for new social media tools to experiment with. Here are the new social media tools we got to know at Vidcon Europe 2018.

Text by Helena Verheye, header picture by Jennifer Kesteleyn


1. Crystal

Crystal is a personality platform, especially handy if you are managing a team. The first step is to sign up with your work email and social media accounts and give them permission. Next, Crystal analyses your social media accounts and online behavior. Based on that, it builds a personal profile with communication advice. How to interact with your co-workers in a crucial situation? What role in a meeting fits which person? How best to reach out to this person that is not on your network yet? This app might seem creepy or gimmick-like at first, but we can see the benefits of daily usage for team managers.

Social Media Tools 2018 Clarity


2. Dynamo

Dynamo is a way to monetize your podcast. It allows you to add pre, post-, and mid-roll advertising to your podcast episodes. The ads refresh on every play, so older podcasts will still have relevant ads when listened to later. This service by Voxnest allows you to keep getting revenue on your evergreen content. You can pick target segments that are relevant to the topic of your podcast. This way you can earn money on every play and download.


3. Google Tilt Brush

This one is for the creators! Google Tilt Brush is a tool that lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. It launched a year ago and looks like a great tool for both artists and animators. No more deskwork, now you’ll be able to experience your art in space and from every angle. If you already own a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, the Tilt Brush doesn’t cost more than 20 dollars. Not all is fun and games tho. Some people are critical because the device is still in an early stage and it doesn’t have many brush options. Only time will tell if this one is a keeper or not.


4. Flattr

Flattr is a bit like Patreon but without the need to make extra content. This project launched a while ago by one of the founders of The Pirate Bay. On that platform, you could access content for free. Flattr rewards creators through community-generated micropayments. As a consumer, you put a certain amount of money on your Flattr account. This money gets divided amongst the creators whose content you check out. Some people think the 5% commission of Flattr on the micropayments is too high, although it is the same percentage as Patreon.  

Social Media Tools 2018

5. Manychat

With Manychat you can create your own Facebook Messenger bots. A bot can also be useful when trying to advertise on Messenger since a bot has eighty percent open rates. This is four times better than email. They can also be an easy way to help out your customers with their needs. In advertising, it’s important to find people where they are already active. Face it: people are not going to download your app. So do something with Messenger. People are already there.


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