Influencer marketing: setting the dots on the i

Influencer marketing: Youtube Influencer Chuki Beats


Too much bullshit is going on about influencer marketing and the term itself is used for all sorts of things. So let’s get things straight first: an influencer is not just someone who is popular on social media, not someone constantly checking their social feed, not someone that has no offline activities,…

Text by Helena Verheye, header picture: YouTube influencer Chuki Beats by Sacha Claes

A social influencer is a popular digital storyteller on social media channels, often with a specific topic of interest. Most of the times, their influence is platform specific. Social influencers bring social stories that engage people. They know best how to talk to their audience and are able to influence the behavior of their followers who trust them. Influencer marketing works because these days, people trust their peers more than traditional media or advertising. That being said, let’s head over to the five golden rules for influencer marketing that works.


1. Set clear goals for your influencer marketing campaign

Since ‘influence’ is a difficult concept to measure, it is important to set clear goals. Additionally, these goals should be measurable. Examples are: a certain number of views, audience reach, engagement, click-throughs, increase in followers or sales,… An example of this is our own influencer campaign for Summerfestival 2017. The goal was to draw people to the ticket sale site and in the end, our campaign generated over 2.000 extra click-throughs.

2. Pick the right size of influencer

Different sizes of influencers have different benefits. Macro influencers can offer celebrity credibility. They often have millions of followers but receive way less engagement than micro and meso influencers.

Meso influencers are mainly content creators, photographers and online celebrities that have built an audience over time, ranging between 10,000 and 1,000,000 followers.

Micro influencers with more than 3k followers tend to have more niche audiences and are perceived as more authentic by their followers.  An example of a successful coöperation with micro-influencers is the case of Levi’s Tailor Shop on tour visiting different Belgian festivals. This generated a stream of content on different blogs and social channels showcasing the customized jeans.

3. Focus on engagement, start a discussion

One golden rule in influencer marketing is to start a discussion, no promotional talk. Not getting clicks, shares or likes but starting a conversation is the main goal of influencer marketing. That is why imagination and personal touch are key. In order to achieve this, it is important for the brand and influencer to exchange ideas beforehand.

An innovative example of this is the “UnGrounded Innovation Lab” of British Airways. In 2013 a British Airways flight from Silicon Valley took off with 100 thought leaders, influencers and prominent thinkers on board. During the 11-hour flight, 22 concepts on giving better technological education were developed.  The focus wasn’t on the company, but British Airways still got their name in the news in an authentic and positive way.

4. Focus on one clear call-to-action

If you are doing an influencer campaign right, you will have the attention of the people you want to reach. So it is important to not only create awareness but also to have one clear and powerful call-to-action. A perfect example of this is Casey Neistat asking viewers to donate money in order to fill up a flight to Somalia with food.

5. Give influencers sufficient creative freedom 

It is important to give social influencers a clear framework. But it is also important to provide them with sufficiënt creative freedom within that frame. Influencers themselves know best how to engage their followers.  An example of this is our campaign for Doctors Without Borders, which resulted in a diverse range of posts, adapted to the influencer their audience, but all with the same message.


Why influencer marketing?
  • Influencer marketing offers high ROI
  • And builds trust 
  • Works great in the conversion phase
Why work with Chase Creative for your influencer marketing?  
  • Finding the right influencers to fit your brand
  • Our existing network of influencers
  • Experience with influencer management


Examples of our work are the influencer campaigns we made for Warner Music, Summerfestival and Doctors Without Borders.

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