Brand Storytelling for festive marketing business Partyspace

Client: Partyspace

The goal

Partyspace is a strong-growing brand of tents and promotional materials that has managed to occupy a relevant place in the Belgian and Dutch markets. They contacted Chase Creative because they wanted to make sure that their brand storytelling, webshop, and social media channels are of high-quality. This with the goal of creating an online community of new and returning customers and ensuring steady growth in revenue.

Our brand storytelling process

In order to accomplish this, they were looking for advice on their brand storytelling, digital strategy, and social media management. We worked together with the management team to make a number of concrete and structural recommendations. This after a thorough analysis of the organization’s customer segments. The process to achieve this consisted of the following key moments:

Strategic part

  • An intake interview based on an extensive question- and answer structure
  • Analysis of (the engagement of) the customer community, the structure of- and user-journey on the online channels, the existing customer messages, and brand promises
  • A sharp definition of their priority objectives for the digital and online trajectory
  • Development of an optimized digital strategy, channels, content & ads
  • A feedback interview with Partyspace presenting the provisional conclusions and a strategic proposal


Creative part

  • Processing their feedback into the final version of the strategy
  • Development of a number of story formats tailored to different online channels and a basis for a digital content calendar
  • A feedback conversation about the creative format proposals
  • Optimization of creative formats based on input by Partyspace


Vakantie is geen plaats, het is een mindset. 😎Wij helpen je graag om van deze zomer de leukste staycation te maken. Met één van onze tenten is je eigen tuin al snel een idyllisch eiland. 🌴

Geplaatst door Partyspace op Maandag 11 mei 2020


Our brand storytelling recommendations

Ultimately, this resulted in a report (in presentation form) that consists of a clear online growth path for the online community of Partyspace. This was further developed in a number of creative and technical objectives and a plan of approach to achieve successful results. One of our advices for Partyspace was to showcase their products in a more human way. Brand strategist Sven De Coninck and account manager Fleur Timmerman share their views on the project: “Their audience isn’t only interested in the product itself, but also in which context it can be used. The tents can be presented into different stories such as fundraisings or communions.”

We also suggested them to communicate more on the level of different target audiences. Individual customers and B2B customers get triggered by different social content and are present on different social platforms. Sven De Coninck & Fleur Timmerman: “Our final advice was to offer fewer products but target them to more specific target audiences. Sometimes too many details lead to less clear brand storytelling.”

The result

Based on this advice, Partyspace adapted their website and branding. They created packages for different audiences, focused more on tents as their core business, and made their general styling more relatable. We’re looking forward to more results from our collaboration and doing their social media management on Linkedin en Facebook!

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