Branded podcast production for KPMG and Mediahuis Connect

Client: KPMG + Mediahuis Connect

The goal

We developed a branded podcast together with Mediahuis Connect, the sales department of Mediahuis, and KPMG. KPMG is an international organization that provides services in the area of audit, tax and advisory. They are also the lead sponsor and partner of the five newly released daily podcasts of De Standaard. As a sponsor, KPMG provides their own branded podcast in the audio feed of the De Standaard-podcasts. They also included a sponsored message in some of the De Standaard podcast titles.

According to PUB, international research shows that podcasts can reach even the most inaccessible consumers. Podcast users are loyal and attentive listeners who experience sponsored messages in their favourite podcasts as reliable. The goal of this project was to reach business professionals and inform them about the expertise and topics KPMG is working on every day. KMPG is the first large Belgian brand in accountancy & advisory to invest in a branded podcast. Jan D’hont, co-founder of Chase Creative has a note on this: “It shows an innovative vision and some guts to see and act upon the bright future of podcasting. Despite the very short deadlines, KPMG has managed to engage two interesting entrepreneurs, and we found a way to fit this podcast into their existing marketing campaigns.”


Our social Story

We created the concept, format, script and did the recording, editing and sonorization of both the branded podcast and the sponsored messages of KPMG. In the podcast, we bring start-up entrepreneurs together with entrepreneurs who have already made it. They ask each other questions and look for something that unites them. How do they adjust to the digital world? And how do companies get their employees, partners and customers on the same line? In the branded podcast episode, start-up entrepreneur Benjamin Eysermans of Bao Living talks to Fons Van Dyck, professor, author and brand strategist at Think BBDO.

Jan D’hont, who was running this project: “We believe in the power of audio stories with high production value. A well-thought-out podcast forges a profound and emotional bond between listener and brand. We are pleased to be able to match our podcast expertise with a challenging brand such as KPMG. Working with a business innovator like Mediahuis Connect makes us a proud partner.”

The Result

On Friday 15th of March, the first branded podcast for KPMG was released on the podcast channels of De Standaard, and on their own site “As consultants, we at KPMG put a lot of effort into innovation and digital development. Thanks to this podcast we can reach our target group of entrepreneurs, but also news consumers from dS, with a strong and accessible message” says Ingrid Stoffels, sales and marketing director at KPMG.” Let’s hope this episode is the first of more to come!

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