Community building through social media management for Young Patterns

Client: Young Patterns

The goal

Young Patterns is an online hub for young people who just started working or want to work in the Belgian fashion and clothing industry. Their goal is to make youngsters, companies, and schools of this industry, better understand each other. Young Patterns contacted Chase Creative because they want to build a flourishing community through social media. This with the more specific goal of receiving more questions and attracting more subscriptions for online coaching sessions.


Our process of community building through social media management

During the first month of our collaboration, the foundation is laid for a successful social media strategy. On the one hand, sufficient time is set aside to find a social media manager who has the voice of the community. On the other hand, we also did an intake session to gain insight into the brand, tone of voice, products, and concrete goals. These insights make it possible to define the following things:

  • KPI’s for the community building growth strategy of Young Patterns
  • Development of creative concepts with links between all relevant target groups of Young Patterns
  • Development of a social media calendar framework

After defining the framework and putting together the social media management team, we also take care of the next steps:

  • Follow-up and optimization of the existing social strategy
  • Content definition and selection
  • Formatting of the social media calendar
  • Creation of 3 weekly posts
  • Posting these stories on Instagram and Facebook
  • Coaching the ambassadors of Young Patterns in content creation
  • Conversation starting and moderation
  • Reply to messages from the community
  • Report with results per month
  • Monthly consultation between Chase Creative and Young Patterns



Our recommendations

We selected Eline Rymenans as a social media manager for Young Patterns after she successfully completed her journalism internship with us and was a volunteer for our community Chase Music for some time. “I was always very interested in the fashion industry. I got gifted a sewing machine last December, which brought me even closer to the process of creating.” This made her the perfect fit as she’s social media savvy, interested in fashion and sewing, and age-wise close to the target audience. This way, Eline can really speak the language of the youngsters: “I love that I can learn more about Belgian fashion brands through my job and that I can help other young people that are looking for a job.”

Content-wise, we put partner businesses in the spotlight, post inspiring quotes regarding the fashion sector, focus on the young ambassadors, and give information on the services of Young Patterns. We also made new templates for the social media of Young Patterns that focus more on faces and make things more personal. Social Team Lead Celien Feys: “It was our recommendation to give Young Patterns a more human face by putting coach Katrien and the young ambassadors more in the spotlight.”

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, a lot of the internships in the fashion sector were put on hold. However, we continued to inform youngsters on Instagram and Facebook about their options. We also helped Young Patterns to organized online 30-minutes info sessions with coach Katrien through a Callendly system. Those info sessions were also successfully advertised on social media via a traffic campaign.


The result

We notice an increase in engagement and reactions and see that Instagram works better than Facebook, due to the type of young community. We’re looking forward to more results soon!