Social stream on cinemascreen for Film Fest Gent

Client: Film Fest Gent

The Goal

During the opening event of Film Fest Gent we curated a live and interactive social stream projection. The goal was to inform and entertain the visitors of this event. Most important, Film Fest Gent wanted something unique for their opening event. This social feed projection was a co-production with Film Fest Ghent and Zender. Zender is a company that builds interactive live players for broadcasters and publishers.

Our Social Story

The idea was to provide the visitors with an interactive activity while waiting for the start of the film. Additionally, we also wanted to inform them about what was happening around the festival. We made content beforehand, sent some of our own reporters and used content of different influencers that were present at the opening event. There even was an informative quiz. People could surf to a site, vote from their mobile device and the results of the quiz were shown on screen.

Interactive Social Projection @ Film Fest Gent

A behind the scenes sneak-peek of our interactive social feed projection at Film Fest Gent last week, together with Small Town Heroes. Learn more about this project here:

Geplaatst door Chase Creative – Social Storytelling Agency op Vrijdag 20 oktober 2017

The Result

This is an example of an event report that doesn’t only show one side of the story but where many people have a voice. The result is a mosaic of impressions, providing a 360 degrees view on the event. The visitors also had a more meaningful experience while waiting for their film to start.

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Pictures by Tim Schrijnemakers