Creating a social video customised for Facebook and Instagram

Client: CPM


The goal

Consultants Personnel Management is a recruitment company that finds the right candidate for the job. They recruit both in Belgium and internationally and their goal is to improve the performance of their clients at every level. We worked together with CPM to develop a social video recruitment campaign for City Sounds Rent (CSR), a sound and light company. The main goal of this partnership was to engage people online and to make them enthusiastic to apply for the function of crew chief.

Our social Story

Within 30 seconds we wanted to make people curious about the company and the position of crew chief. To make this possible, we followed a crew chief and his team at a motor show event during the last hours before opening. Our team consisted of director Khaël Velders, DOP Jordan Vanschel and editor Jasper Flikschuh. We produced, filmed and edited a social video customized for Facebook and Instagram.

Afterwards, we also published and advertised this video to a very select and targeted audience on the Facebook feed and Instagram story and feed of CSR. We assisted the team of CSR to set up the business and ad accounts for this campaign and future projects. The ad performances were monitored and adjusted daily to achieve an optimal result. Thanks to the smooth cooperation with CSR and crew chief Tim, we got an interesting insight into one part of the job in a very short time.


The result

The video went strong and we reached over 88.000 people on the social channels of CSR. As the employees of CSR were also enthusiastic about the result, we asked them to share our video on their own channels. With Facebook and Instagram, we reached 12.686 people organically and 75.925 paid. This resulted in over 4.500 engagements, including more than 3.570 click-throughs, 30 comments and 55 shares. For this demographic, we saw better results on Facebook than on Instagram.

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