European parliament Instagram influencer campaign and YouTube advertisements

Client: EYCA (European Youth Card Organization)

The goal

We did an influencer campaign to encourage young people to vote for the European elections of May 2019. EYCA, the European Youth Card Organization started up a broad campaign called ‘If you give a shit, give a vote‘. They got this assignment from the European parliament and we were one of the executive partners. We supported this campaign in two ways; with an Instagram influencer campaign, and with a YouTube advertisement campaign.

The big challenge for this project was how to tell a complex political story to a young audience. The target audience might not have thought about why and for whom they would vote. Our solution was to create a link with a topic that people care about in their daily lives. We did an analysis of which topics interest youngsters and we had a look at which of those topics the European Parliament can make a change.


After this, we looked for influencers who both have a big reach and who fitted these topics. Another important criterion was the location and geographical spread of the influencers. We mainly focused on the big language groups in the European focal areas, such as Spain, France, Poland and Germany who have a lot of representatives in the European Parliament and therefore have a big impact on the European population.


Our Social Story

Our first idea was to work with music artists, however, we quickly noticed that they are a bit reluctant to talk about politics. That’s why we quickly changed our strategy and contacted general influencers, who still were hard to convince, but a bit more accessible. In the end, we collaborated with 10 influencers who fitted the socially engaged profile.


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Am 26 Mai sind die Europa Wahlen. Europa bestimmt unseren Alltag in hohem Maße. Deswegen ist es verdammt wichtig dass Ihr eure Stimme dazuzählt. Es ist dein Recht und Privileg, nutz es aus! Du kannst Aktiv die Politik beeinflussen. Mit deiner Stimme entscheidest du wer voran kommt & wer nicht. *Werbung ___________________________________________________ On May 26th are the European elections. Europe determines our everyday life to a great extent. That's why it's damned important that you include your voice. It is your right and privilege to take advantage of it! You can actively influence the politics. With your voice, you decide who advances & who does not. *Ad #giveavote #europa #europawahl2019 #europawahl19 #europe #europeanunion

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The campaign launched two weeks before the elections. Mainly because that’s the moment when people are more actively involved in the topic and because youngsters often decide very late about their time planning. On 14 May the influencers made an IG post about why voting for the European elections is so important to them. On 20 May they made an Instagram story to incite their followers to go and vote.

For the influencers, this was a paid assignment, but the fee they got was more like a compensation for the work they put into it as it wasn’t comparable to their regular commercial fees. Because they often felt strongly related to the cause, they gladly accepted to receive only a small fee.


Next to this, we also did YouTube advertising with Eyca’s videos. We coached Eyca to make a series of videos more suited for YouTube and we launched the YouTube campaign two weeks before the election. The ads were targeted to people between 18 and 24 years old, or people who would have to vote for the first time. The targeting included interests like travel, education, and the environment. Throughout the campaign, the ads got monitored and optimized according to the best performing target groups. The videos lasted 6 seconds and people had to watch them fully before they could continue to the video they wanted to see.

The results of the influencer campaign for the European Parliament

The general voting percentage went from 42,61% in the previous election to 50,66% in this election. Our campaign, of course, was only a small help to accomplish this success.

On Instagram, we reached about 4,4 million people with this campaign and had about 142.000 engagements.

On YouTube, we had about 4,43 million impressions and 29.000 clicks.

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