How CM’s new podcast aims to break the taboo around (mental) health.


About the podcast

Talking about our problems remains difficult. So the question “How are you?” is usually answered with a simple “Fine, thanks”. But is everyone really that “fine”?

In a world of appearances and cool Instagram stories, it’s sometimes easy to forget that everyone is going through something. You are not alone. Even when things are not going as smoothly, one should feel comfortable admitting this. Based on this idea we started working with Leef, CM’s health magazine, on a podcast in which (mental) health and its discussability are central.

The goal

Overall: Making health, and also the often forgotten aspect of mental health, more accessible to the public. There is still a real taboo around certain conditions or mental health problems which makes some people feel that silence is easier than talking.

The podcast tries to break this silence by showing that everyone, including Flemish celebrities who are in the public eye on a daily basis, have to deal with problems.

Het process

The five-part podcast series offers an intimate bi-weekly look into the life of one well-known Flemish person. They address their problems and concerns in an open and honest way.

    • From May 27, you can hear how Sven de Leijer deals with his sleeping problem.
    • Next up is Lize Spit. She talks candidly about her diabetes and what impact the disease has on her daily life.
    • Worryers will no doubt recognize themselves in the testimony of Fatma Taspinar. In episode 3 she talks about doubt and uncertainty.
    • Ben Segers also speaks up and combats the stigma surrounding bipolar mood disorder.
    • Ann Ceurvels takes you through her daily life as a caregiver for her son with autism spectrum disorder.
Podcast host Stephanie Lemmens with journalist/presenter Fatma Taspinar...

The results

Only 1 week after its launch, the podcast had already achieved second place in the health category. With only one episode on the counter, “Wat je nog niet wist over…” ranked among some of the established values within the category, just behind “Patient Pedro” which is also ranked #1 across all categories.



We are already looking forward to the launch of the next episodes and above all we hope that the podcast gets people talking.


Production: Hanne Penninck & Anastassia Oudovitchenko

Preproduction, research and editorial: Lara Braeken

Shoot, edit & mix: Wederik De Backer
Storycoach: Pieter Blomme

Strategy & consultancy: Petra Beeckx & Jan D’hont
Host: Stephanie Lemmens (CM Gezondheidsfonds)