Influencer campaign for The Color Grey

Client: Warner Music
Influencer campaign The Color Grey

The Goal

We worked together with Warner Music to create an influencer campaign for The Color Grey, who is a Belgian upcoming MC, producer and songwriter. The goal for this campaign was, first of all, to attract more awareness in the Belgian alternative music scene for this artist. Another goal was to generate listens for his latest single ‘Silence Speaks’.

Our Social Story

We started a campaign consisting of three parts:

  • first of all: a vlog by Chuki, one of the social influencers we work with, visiting The Color Grey’s studio
  • in addition: three Instagram posts each by two different influencers. The first post was to create awareness, the second one involved a meeting with the Color Grey. The last post was a call to action, so people would listen to the new single ‘Silence Speaks’.
  • finally: blogposts and social media posts by Chase

The Result

After this campaign we’ve noticed The Color Grey got featured on all the right festivals. Conclusion: mission “positive-reprofiling-in-the-underground-music-scene” succeeded!

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