Engaging newsletter content for Joyn

Client: Joyn
Newletter content Joyn Chase Creative

The goal

Joyn connects and activates people in urban areas through the Joyn customer card. We love working with Joyn since we’re always looking for brands that can bring a positive change in society. We both believe that if people are linked to a community, the city will flourish more. Via this engaging newsletter content, we want to inspire the Joyn user community on all the places the card can bring them. By telling stories about local businesses, we want people to shop more consciously and in their own neighborhood. 


Our social story

We engage local writers, often from within our Chase community, and empower them to write stories on the places they love. We make sure there are two newsletters with engaging newsletter content a month, one in Flanders and one in Wallonia. Often, we give the writers some first ideas but also give them space to enroll their own creativity. Our account manager Dina has a note on that: “In this project, I really notice that talented people are way more motivated if you give them some artistic freedom. Take for example the story underneath, the beautiful illustrations were all the idea of the writer!”

Newletter content Joyn Chase Creative

The result

The mean opening rate of the May and June newsletters we did for Joyn was 23%, which is way above the 15% mean opening rate for e-coupons newsletter.


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