OMG! The Van Eyck-Podcast: an underwater podcast experience



Podcast creator Tatiana (Elena Peeters) meets Johannes van Eyck (Wouter Deprez), the great-great-great grandson of the great Jan van Eyck, at the reopening of the van Eyck swimming pool. But when Marie van Eik (Mira Bryssinck), the great-great-great-granddaughter of Hubert van Eyck (Jan’s brother) makes an appearance, it turns out that both descendants are embroiled in a bitter duel over who is actually entitled to the family fortune.

Did Jan van Eyck himself paint the Mystic Lamb? Was his brother Hubert deliberately pushed into oblivion? How far does the influence of Johannes van Eyck reach today? What is the role of Russian hackers? And what dark secrets will podcast creator Tatiana uncover during her quest?

OMG! The Van Eyck-Podcast

OMG! The Van Eyck-podcast is a fictional audio story about the struggle between the descendants of the 2 brothers Jan van Eyck and Hubert van Eyck, starring comedian and Ghent city raconteur Wouter Deprez and actresses and theater makers Elena Peeters and Mira Bryssinck.

The 3 episodes can be enjoyed while swimming thanks to an underwater audio device in – not coincidentally – the beautiful van Eyck swimming pool in Ghent. Visitors can borrow an audio device free of charge and coronaproof at the information desk of the swimming pool. As of May 30, the full story will also be available anywhere, anytime via all podcast apps.

This is an initiative of Chase Creative, supported by the Stadsmarketingfonds of Stad Gent in the framework of the van Eyck year 2020-2021.

EPISODE 1: The pool reopens!

In this episode of her podcast, host Tatiana travels to the reopening of the van Eyck swimming pool in Ghent. What was originally going to be a story about a nice day out in Ghent, soon takes a turn full of suspense and mystery when Marie van Eik comes into the picture. Marie and Johannes van Eyck, great-great-grandson of Jan van Eyck, have been at odds for years over the existence or non-existence of Hubert van Eyck and, above all, over the distribution of the family fortune.

When Tatiana makes an unexpected discovery in Johannes’s library, the conflict escalates into a full-blown war between Marie and Johannes…

EPISODE 2: Johannes vs. the Instagram army

Johannes holds a press conference to contradict the false accusations made against his name. Marie is once again dragged through the mud and, as is often the case in the 21st century, tempers soon flare up on social media. What begins with a campaign to consign Hubert van Eyck to oblivion turns into protests, led by Marie and her Instagram army. The name van Eyck has never had such a bitter connotation.

Tatiana watches helplessly until she finds a way to restore peace. But will it make the situation better? Or will she put everyone at risk?

EPISODE 3: The innocent casualty

Tatiana’s rebranding backfires. A podcast full of drama and suspense sounded more fun in theory. After her nightly adventure – and an avoidable murder – the tension between Johannes and Marie comes to a boiling point. . However, Tatiana doesn’t get of that easily either. Who said hate can’t bring people together?

Listen to the exciting denouement of this podcast adventure with Tatiana, Marie and Johannes.


Script – Tom Cuypers
Direction, edit & mix – Wederik De Backer
Music – Sander Lambrecht
Production – Anastassia Oudovitchenko
Story Coach – Pieter Blomme

Johannes van Eyck – Wouter Deprez
Marie Van Eik – Mira Bryssinck
Tatiana – Elena Peeters

City of Gent – Elly Dermaut
Farys – Sportdienst Gent

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