How Salesforce shares ideas about digital transformation through a branded podcast

Client: Mediafin/Salesforce
salesforce and mediafin podcast


Mediafin is a Belgian media group established in 2005 as a joint venture of Rossel and Roularta Media Group. The company is based in Brussels and it publishes two daily newspapers: De Tijd (in Dutch), and L’Echo (in French).

The Mediafin newspapers, magazines and online media platforms reach the most influential audience in Belgium with over 300.000 readers every day, from entrepreneurs, managers, investors, to high-level decision-makers.

The goal

Mediafin (De Tijd/L’Echo) wanted to develop, record and launch the first branded podcast for their client Salesforce, a world-renowned cloud-based software company that provides customer relationship management service. Their objective was to create a series of five Dutch and French episodes that would air bi-weekly.

The goal of launching this branded podcast was to help listeners recognize the importance of digital transformation throughout the modernization process and the need for a digital transformation in his business or enterprise. Through sharing relevant information, we position Salesforce as a company that enables the digital transformation through their product, the CRM software.

Mediafin chose Chase Creative as a partner who would help with the development and realisation of the concept. Based on successful collaboration on previous branded podcasts: Inzicht for EY, and Private talks with Belfius for Belfius, Mediafin teamed up with Chase once again.

As in previous projects, our team of podcast experts was in charge of the entire process, starting from creating a proposal, format, concept to recording, editing and mixing the podcasts.


The process

Under the working title “The digital route/De Digitale route/La route Digitale”, this branded podcast explores innovation and the role of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry, retail and banks. Every segment focuses on various challenges in a specific sector, how digitalisation can help solve these issues and which technology will become mandatory for future businesses.

Through a dynamic conversation between Belgian entrepreneurs (Salesforce customers), external expert and a Salesforce expert, the listeners get detailed information about mobile applications, productivity tools, sustainable measures, artificial intelligence and other important components of digital transformation. The audience gets an opportunity to learn more about mobile applications, productivity tools, sustainable measures, artificial intelligence and other digital transformation components.

Each podcast is created as a simple and straightforward interview format. The presenter asks the questions, a Belgian entrepreneur (customer at Salesforce) answers the questions and a Salesforce expert offers concrete solutions and ideas.


The Chase Creative podcast team who worked on this project consisted of:

The interviews were recorded in the studio of Mediafin at Tour & Taxis in Bruxelles. Due to the coronavirus crisis, it was challenging to manage the project as it wasn’t allowed to record with a lot of people in the studio. Our team handled this issue by scheduling separate recordings or recording remotely through video/sound software.

Carmina Coenen is a Salesforce Belux Country Deputy leader with 20+ years’ experience transforming IT functions in international organisations


The results

The branded podcast is available on the DeTijd website, and all relevant podcast platforms, from Spotify (NL & FR), Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other podcast platforms.

“We are currently in over thousand of unique listening sessions for both Dutch and French versions”, says Tim De Geyter, Project Manager at Mediafin.

“The campaign is still running, so we expect the number of viewers to gradually increase. If a listener dedicates his or her time to listen to the 15 min podcast, it’s already a good sign of their interest in this topic. That, combined with our articles that are well-read, gives our audience valuable information and knowledge on specific brands and topics, like Salesforce and digital transformation”, concludes Tim.

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