Social video edits for Kanaal Z – Canal Z

Client: Kanaal Z - Canal Z

The goal

Kanaal Z – Canal Z is a Belgian TV channel active in Flanders and Wallonia that offers its viewers the latest financial and economic news. The goal of our collaboration is to extend the reach of their side-programming. To accomplish this goal, we create social video edits that are social media-friendly. This in combination with advertising and targeting for every niche and industry. We offer Dutch and French social video edits or a combination of both.


Our social story

Every broadcast gets a short social video edit that is about 60 seconds long. We ensure an optimal mobile experience with a square format, subtitles and motion graphics. The latter captures the essence and grab the attention of the audience on social media. Besides organic placement on the social media channels of Kanaal Z – Canal Z, we also provide a fitting and engaging copy. Specific targeting and optimization of the ad throughout the campaign is also part of our collaboration.


The social video edits resulted in 2,114,721 total video plays over the course of 6 months.

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