Social media management & social video edits for Kanaal Z – Canal Z

Client: Kanaal Z - Canal Z

The goal

Kanaal Z – Canal Z is a Belgian TV channel, active in Flanders and Wallonia, that offers its viewers the latest financial and economic news. With our collaboration, we want to grow the online communities of Kanaal Z – Canal Z on Facebook and Linkedin and keep them up-to-date during the day. Next to this, we also want to give more reach to the TV reports by offering a social video edit option to the clients of Kanaal Z – Canal Z.

Carnaval de Binche of Aalst Carnaval? 🥳

Geplaatst door Kanaal Z – Canal Z op Zaterdag 22 februari 2020


Our social story

First, we made sure that we merged the Dutch – and French-language Facebook pages into one multilingual page. On Facebook and Linkedin, we share news and entertainment formats and go for a tone-of-voice that is serious but with a fun twist. Our social media manager for Kanaal Z, An, has both an economical background and experience with social media management. This makes her the perfect fit for this go-to media channel for reliable business news. We do have two different strategies for both platforms, as we use more text-based posts and hashtags on Linkedin. On Facebook, we use more videos and focus more on engagement.

The commercial upselling offer that we developed for the clients of Kanaal Z – Canal Z is quite unique in the field. Every client that orders a broadcast with Kanaal Z – Canal Z gets the option of creating a social video edit that is about 60 seconds long. We offer Dutch and French social video edits or a combination of both.

We ensure an optimal mobile experience with a square format, subtitles and motion graphics. The latter captures the essence and grabs the attention of the audience on social media. Besides organic placement on the social media channels of Kanaal Z – Canal Z, we also provide a fitting and engaging copy. This in combination with advertising and targeting for every niche and industry. Optimization of the ad throughout the campaign is also part of our collaboration.


The result

It’s not easy to communicate in two languages on the topic of economy on social media, but we do manage to make it work. We were able to build a motivated and engaging community and over the course of a bit more than a year, we reached almost 8 million people.

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