Social videos for YO exhibition

Client: BOZAR

The Goal

Together with Bozar, we made and shared two social videos to attract people to an exhibition on 35 years of hip-hop history in Brussels. The goal of these videos was to make easily shareable content and to reach a different audience as when the client would post them on their own communication channels.

Want to learn more about Brussels hip-hop history?

Want to learn more about Brussels hip-hop history? Visit Yo Brussels Hip-Hop Generations at BOZAR this summer. More info:

Geplaatst door CHASE op Dinsdag 20 juni 2017

Our Social Story

Both videos have the typical square format and are supplemented with text overlays in Chase’s corporate identity. We have adapted the storytelling to the millennial target audience and the social channels we used. 

The videos were posted on the Chase social channels since the target group Bozar wanted to reach was more present in the Chase community than in Bozar’s own community. However, BOZAR and the other media partners also shared away.

Is hip-hop real art?

Is hip-hop real art?We asked Deejay Grazzhoppa & Caballero & JeanJass during the opening of YO. Brussels Hip-Hop Generations at BOZAR.

Geplaatst door CHASE op Maandag 17 juli 2017

The Result

The ‘Want to learn more about Brussels hip-hop history?’ video

  • reached over 159.000 people
  • has 51.000 views
  • generated more than 2.600 interactions.

The ‘Is hip-hop real art?’ video

  • reached over 145.000 people
  • has 39.000 views
  • generated more than 700 interactions.

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