Stemkleur podcast for IN-Gent: giving new Ghentians a voice

Client: IN-Gent

The goal

The Stemkleur podcast is a collaboration between Relaas, Chase Creative and IN-Gent. This last organization implements the integration policy for the city of Ghent. Every day, many ‘new Ghentians’ visit IN-Gent. Over there, they register for Dutch or social orientation courses or can get information about leisure activities and studying in Ghent. In addition to their questions, many people also bring inspiring, funny and moving stories. IN-Gent wanted to bring the stories of these newcomers to a wider audience and came up with the idea of creating a podcast. They wanted to focus on the dreams and ambitions of these newcomers instead of stories about fleeing their country or the racism they face. This way, they wanted to instrumentalize the power of stories to connect people.


Our social story for the Stemkleur podcast

For Stemkleur, we recorded stories of new Ghentians that deserve to be listened to. The newcomers get carte blanche to fill their episode of the podcast with their own story and narrative voice. The result is a collection of small and large stories from newcomers, each with their own voice color in their new language, Dutch. We have for example Camila bringing a story about her hair and the different social norms around it in her motherland Brazil and her new home country Belgium.

“What I liked the most about this project was to get in contact with people you don’t meet everyday and help them to get from an idea to a story.” – Pieter from Chase Creative

The volunteers from Relaas coached the storytellers to plot their own storyline. They went looking for small anecdotes in their life story that also tell something about being a newcomer in Ghent.
Chase Creative helped with the strategy, recording and audio editing. As the language was a big challenge, we made sure the people could bring their story in a safe cocoon. We coached them to bring their stories a few times, which allowed us to edit it into one fluid story. This way we helped people who weren’t fully confident in the Dutch language to create a final story they can be proud of.



The result

The Stemkleur podcast was launched during a live event on the 8th of March at Herberg Macharius Gent. The stories will be used in different contexts on other events, in the welcoming pack for new Ghentians, in Dutch language classes and new IN-Gent ambassadors will also hear the stories. This way, the podcast gives new Ghentians insight into how other newcomers built a life in Ghent. IN-Gent does a lot of information and guidance already, but these stories were a nice addition to their services as they work inspiring and will be remembered.

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