Should your brand start a podcast?

Brand Podcast

Podcasts have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. Now brands are also discovering their potential. No wonder, if you know that about 85% of listeners make it till the end of the show. Imagine all these people listening to your brand podcast for half an hour or longer. Keeping in mind the short attention span on other media, brand podcasts form an excellent way to connect with your audience. “Where do I sign up?”, you’re probably thinking by now. Hold up, there are a few things to consider before starting a brand podcast!

Written by Fleur Timmerman and Helena Verheye

1. Who is going to listen?

You might have an awesome idea that brings you to want to make a brand podcast. But as a brand, it is important to always make content with your audience in mind. So ask yourself first: “Who would like to hear this?”. Is there a match between the audience you’ll reach with your great idea and the audience you want to reach with your brand? If so, awesome! Because brand podcasts allow you to create extra touchpoints with your audience and to be ahead of the competition.

2. Do you speak tech?

A second important factor is a technical quality. You can always start out making a podcast on your smartphone if you want, using apps such as Opinion or Anchor. But if you want things to sound a bit more extra, you might need to do some small investments in gear and editing software. A recording device and a decent microphone will bring you pretty far.

3. Got that consistent workflow?

Ever heard of the term ‘podfading’? That’s a podcast fading away due to inconsistency. Don’t be that brand podcast. Podcasts are easily combinable with other activities but a good idea needs a consistent workflow to keep on going. Think of coming up with new ideas every week, setting up the equipment, editing,… As a brand, it is important to think about how you’re going to incorporate the podcast workload within your brand workflow.

4. How is your brand podcast going to get to your public?

Podcasts are perfect for creating that human connection so it’s important to think about how they will get to your public. They are mostly uploaded to Soundcloud and Itunes. From there on, they are automatically distributed to different podcast apps. Some brand podcasts also have their own website on which they provide their audience with extra background info. You don’t necessarily have to do all of that, just make out what is the best option for you.

5. Do you want to go beyond fast results?

You need to consider that your brand podcast won’t be big overnight, especially if you are still growing. So the first thing is putting quality content out there and making sure it finds its way to your audience. You need to stay consistent with your uploads and create a community this way. Pieter Blomme: “Podcasting is a long-tail process. Episodes stay online and are listened to a while after publication”. The good news is that the podcast community is quite tight-knitted and has some evangelical tendencies. So if people like your podcast they will definitely spread the word!


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