5 social storytelling hacks for your social media management

social media management storytelling

Storytelling has a different logic if used online and via social media. That’s why you should always keep the following tips at the back of your head. Here are five social media management storytelling hacks.

Text by Pieter Blomme, social storytelling expert at Chase Creative.

1. Catch the attention of your audience. Catch it fast.

How can you turn your story into a thumb stopper in the endless Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat feeds?  Surprise people! If you don’t catch your audience’s attention within the first five seconds, you are lost. Mess around with the traditional ‘beginning-mid-end’- story structure. Tell a Breaking Bad type of story, for example, and start with a crucial scene from the end of your story. This is what makes for a WTF-experience within the first five seconds. Or give away the clue of the story at the beginning: “What if I told you, you too are a potential contract killer?” Believe me, you will have caught all the attention.

2. Make series

It’s not that difficult: people. love. series. Get inspired by the success of Netflix, watch YouTube, listen to iTunes: everything is connected through series. And online media are perfect for that purpose: vlogs and blogs about a certain theme, hashtags to link things to one another, podcasts, three series Instagram pictures. People like some routine and consistency, nothing is as easy as to click ‘subscribe’ and to know what type of stories you will be provided with, for the next weeks.

3. Make ‘m care. Make’m share

Sometimes my students are working for hours on a perfect meme, infographic, YouTube video or Instagram photo series. But during the feedback rounds, too often I have to tell them: “why should I care?”. That is the most important question you have to ask yourself, preferably before you start off: how do I match my story with the field of interest of my target audience? Even better: how do I make MY story also THEIR story? How do I touch my audience so that they like, comment and share with their friends? Why would I care? Why would I share? Make it your mantra. A crucial trick: make it clear in your story why your message is important for everyone. Make them care, make them share.

4. Make it human

Humans believe other humans. This is an important trick, especially if you are communicating as an organization or brand. Every epic story has a hero, a character that experiences something and that has to overcome certain things to reach a goal.

That is why you should use authentic people in your story, preferably people that laugh, cry, succeed and fail, people that do interesting stuff. Leave some spare room for emotions, because we are all made of flesh and bones. And sometimes we are so damn sensitive.

5. Think of Hansel and Gretel

Fairytales, myths, and fables belong to the collective memory. They have value, a logical structure, heroes and antiheroes that appeal to the imagination, heroic scenes and a good portion of suspense with an impressive finale. And we dig that. So think of Hansel and Gretel if you are thinking about telling a story. Steal their values, clear structure, pathos, drama and type of characters and put them into your contemporary creations. They will make your stories more magnetic and liquid and will engage and reach a public more easily.

Why social media management storytelling?
  • Social media management gives your brand a human voice
  • It enables you to guide the conversation around your story
  • And makes it possible to monitor reactions (bye, trolls)
Why take your social media management storytelling to Chase Creative?
  • Finding the right person to fit your brand
  • Building an online experience
  • We have 5+ years of experience in social media management

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