Essentials for a successful social video

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A social video is a captivating short-form video, optimized for mobile viewing and crafted to drive engagement actions on social networks. A successful social video is a thumbstopper in the endless Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat feeds. Brands and organizations can use this type of video to talk to their audience. And unlike television, the audience can talk back. So what differentiates social video from a regular video?

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1. Social video is… short

The average length of a video view on Facebook is only 18 seconds. Attention spans on socials are extremely short, and that demands focused videos. “Shorter is better”, with a focus on staying under one-minute, at the longest. Videos that are less than 60 seconds retain 80% of viewers through their halfway marks, and a full 60% all the way to the end. These are great retention rates for social, where users are constantly bombarded and distracted, be it by other social content or the world around them as they browse on the go.


2. …square

We’ve seen vertical videos grow in popularity throughout 2016, thanks in large part to Snapchat. But now we’re witnessing the beginning of a square revolution! Regardless of how your viewing screen is oriented, a square video takes up a prominent amount of on-screen space. This not just true when viewing, but also when a square video appears in a user’s feed: square videos simply fills the screen more. Viewers don’t want to tap into full screen and rotate their phone just to watch a video that’s only a few seconds long. This is part of the reason Facebook specifically recommends 1:1 aspect ratios for video ads on both Instagram and Facebook.

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3. …enhanced with a text overlay

Text-overlay is one of the most important components of social video. With users watching videos on many different devices while on the go, they may be listening or checking out your content with the sound off. Since Facebook has introduced muted auto-play videos in the news feed, about 85 percent of Facebook video is watched without sound. So if your video can’t work without sound, it’s going to have a tough time on social. That’s where text-overlay comes in. Both evocative and descriptive title cards and large, easy-to-read subtitles are essential for telling a coherent story.


4. …focussed on engagement

A focus on driving engagement is the defining characteristic of social video. Every social video aims to drive social actions such as shares, comments and likes. Those acts of engagement are what bring your content organically into the feeds of potential new followers and new audiences. A call to action is a good way to do this. Users are more likely to interact with a post when they are prompted to do so.

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5. …targeted

Social media is all about audience – the audience you have and the audience you want. A social video is aimed at both groups, with the hope that as your current audience engages with the content, similarly interested users from their networks will be drawn into the fold.

A social video is not necessarily “viral video”. Sometimes, a successful social video will catch fire and spread across the web in hours. But, going viral should not be the goal of every social video a brand chooses to publish. Social video should be part of a larger strategy to grow and engage your followers through valuable short-form content.



Why social video?
  • Video tells more than a 1000 words
  • It is the ideal social format to get a discussion going
  • Gets the greatest organic reach on Facebook and other social networks
Why work with Chase Creative for your social video?  
  • We focus on great storytelling
  • Constructing a tone of voice and style based on your brand identity
  • Selection of the right platforms to tell your story


An example of our work are two social videos we made for Bozar to attract people to an exhibition on 35 years of hip-hop history in Brussels.

Do you want your own social video? We can offer you a free session with one of our social media experts to explore the possibilities for your brand!