Why your brand should have a podcast

Brand Podcast

Podcasts have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. Now brands are also discovering their potential. Keeping in mind the short attention span on other media, branded podcasts form an excellent way to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Written by Helena Verheye

What is a branded podcast?

Branded podcasts are a way of content marketing with the goal of delivering true value to the listener. On the one side, you have the classical interview podcast (95% of all podcasts?), and on the other side the storytelling podcast. We feel you can really stand out when using the second type, involving more formatting, different scripting and put the stories first. Don’t take the word ‘brand’ in ‘branded podcast’ too literal, because if you focus too hard on your own brand, you will only put off your listeners. “What should be the content of my branded podcast”, you ask? People want to listen to stories! A great place to start off is to think about your brand values and the stories that are intertwined with it.

What to do – podcast advertising or make your own branded podcast?

So why not just advertise with my brand in existing podcasts? That’s certainly possible, but the answer is that the fit will never be 100% and your brand might have important knowledge or an interesting perspective that your audience is looking for. Having your own branded podcast is a more sustainable option and enables you to build a true connection with your audience and makes it greater by association.

Afrit 10 is an original brand podcast of Mediahuis Advertising. It’s a series about innovation and challenges in media and advertising. We co-created their podcast strategy and format, coached the team and 20 episodes later, we still support in the postproduction. This was the very first episode.

Why should my company have its own branded podcast?

The demand for audio content got higher, partly thanks to faster mobile internet and the introduction of smart speakers such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple Homepod. Podcasting is also becoming a larger part of the strategy of big streaming services, with Spotify buying Gimlet Media and Anchor at the beginning of 2019 as proof. Next to these technological changes that facilitate podcast listening, podcasts have a few great benefits for every company. It’s a great way to reach an audience that is difficult to reach otherwise, for example, ad avoiders, or to create different touchpoints with your existing audience, during activities in which they can’t consume other media. Starting up a podcast series requires an investment, but it can be great evergreen content. The stories ideally are relevant for a long period of time and will continue to warm the heart of your listeners. 

“Where do I sign up?”, you’re probably thinking by now. Hold up, there are a few things to consider before starting a branded podcast because the success of a podcast depends on the strategy behind it.

What to think about before starting a branded podcast?

1. Who is going to listen?

You might have an awesome idea that brings you to want to make a branded podcast. But as a brand, it is important to always make content with your audience in mind. So ask yourself first: “Who would like to hear this?”. Is there a match between the audience you’ll reach with your great idea and the audience you want to reach with your brand? If so, awesome! Because branded podcasts allow you to create extra touchpoints with your audience and to be ahead of the competition.

2. Do you speak tech?

A second important factor is technical quality. You can always start out making a podcast on your smartphone if you want, using apps such as Opinion or Anchor. But if you want things to sound a bit more extra, you might need to do some small investments in gear and editing software. A recording device and a decent microphone will bring you pretty far.

Inzicht is the first branded podcast by Tijd Connect for EY. It’s a 4-episode series on innovation and digital transformation. We co-created with Tijd Connect on the podcast format, scripting, recording, mixing, publication and audience development. 

3. Got that consistent workflow?

Ever heard of the term ‘podfading’? That’s a podcast fading away due to inconsistency. Don’t be that type of branded podcast. Podcasts are very compatible with other activities but a good idea needs a consistent workflow to keep growing. Think of coming up with new ideas every week, setting up the equipment, editing, etc. As a brand, it is important to think about how you’re going to incorporate the podcast workload within your brand’s production, marketing, and PR workflows.

4. How is your branded podcast going to get to your public?

Podcasts are perfect for creating that human connection so it’s important to think about how they will get to your public. They are mostly uploaded to podcast hosts such as Libsyn or Podbean. From there on, they are automatically distributed to different podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher and the many other platforms. Some branded podcasts also have their own website on which they provide their audience with extra background info. Jan Dhont: “In the very best case, you create a community where you and your listeners continue the conversation, or where you can find new ideas for the next episodes. This can be both online or offline. You don’t necessarily have to do all of that, just make out what is the best option for you. And think about using your unfair advantage: what strengths does your brand have compared to other podcasters? You might already have an engaged community, a lot of reach through some channels or a great network for interesting podcast guests. Then use it!”

5. Do you want to go beyond fast results?

You need to consider that your branded podcast won’t be big overnight, especially if you are still growing. So the first thing is putting quality content out there and making sure it finds its way to your audience. You need to stay consistent with your uploads and create a community this way. Pieter Blomme: “Podcasting is a long-tail process. Episodes stay online and are listened to a while after publication”. The good news is that the podcast community is quite tight-knitted and has some evangelical tendencies. So if people like your podcast they will definitely spread the word!

What are some of our favorite branded podcasts?

We asked our audio storyteller Pieter Blomme, senior account manager Anastassia Oudovitchenko
and our Co-founder Jan D’hont each for their favorite branded podcasts. Some of the names that often came back were ‘DTR‘ by Tinder, a show about defining relationships in the digital age and ‘The Journey‘ by KLM, telling stories of people whose lives were changed by a journey. A more local, Belgian podcast that’s doing the right thing, is Computer Club. It’s hosted by 2 colleagues at Ghent-based In The Pocket, geeking out on all things technology every week. They almost never mention their company, but they are building a loyal and active community on both their Facebook-page and offline events. After 67 episodes, they’ve reached 50k downloads. But more importantly, they created a positive vibe about the company and their values, right in the heart of their most precious audiences. And we’re sure hosts Freddy and Smollie have a lot of fun creating it every week.

Why work with Chase Creative for your branded podcast?  

  • We have a unique combination of storytelling, audio, and marketing skills
  • We work with a big community of podcast enthusiasts
  • We have a background of +12 years in audio, as we started out way back as a radio education center
  • Thanks to our background, we have a lot of relevant partners regarding publishing, promotion, and advertising

An example of our work is the podcasting strategy we did for De Standaard. Convinced that your brand should start its own podcast? Book a free session with one of our podcasting experts to explore the possibilities for your business!